Los Novios Búlgaros

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This torn and touching love story begins with this striking confession: He was a gentleman and has had a Bulgarian boyfriend. But now I am without a boyfriend and I doubt very much that he remains a gentleman. I think I am lost. From the hand of the beautiful and mischievous Bulgarian Kyril and through the ups and downs, and not always pleasant nor very legal way he embarks the gentleman Daniel Vergara, we enter that ignored world, apart from any established moral, that for many young immigrants from Eastern countries, began in Spain in the chaperíoof the emblematic Puerta del Sol de Madrid. Although the chance will lead Vergara, like all open-handed gentlemen generous by nature, to absurd extremes, they never repented. As he himself acknowledges, in this unusual achievement, he said: made some money, an ounce of madness, a lot of affection, perhaps love …

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