La Contribución Popular A La Financiación De La Guerra Civil

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Any full-blown war, such as the Spanish civil war was requires the contenders to start up a war economy capable of mobilizing all the productive powers in order to obtain resources with which they finance themselves. The scenario of the full-blown war spreads through the whole territory of contending sides, and not only is the army the protagonist of the action, but also the rearguard takes part in the solution of the conflict. The people’s contribution becomes an extraordinary source of home finance. Our research takes into account not only the extraordinary measures that the insurgents set up to draw funds from the population, channelled through the different subscriptions and taxes, but also the analysis of one of the first contexts where they were applied, as well as the complex social framework of supports that the insurgents spun throughout the war. Salamanca, which had become an important centre of power for the national rearguard, served as an experimental laboratory where the mechanisms of economical extractions were tested, and, as a result, these mechanisms were put into practice little by little in other towns. So our research contributes to establish a quantitative estimation of the Salamanca contribution to the complete financing of the war besides the qualitative analysis of the pro-Franco tributary system.

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