Forestry And The Forest Industries: Past And Future

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In analysing the development and achievements of Polish forestry and forest industries over the last four decades, it is necessary to take into consideration the situation prevailing after the end of the Second World War, when these sectors of the national economy were starting their activities. First of all, it is necessary to consider the effects of the war such as: (a) the harvesting from the forests of the present Polish territory of 3 about 200 million m of merchantable wood, which is equal to the normal harvest over a l2-year period, (b) the destruction of over half the woodworking industrial potential. In consequence, the forested area inside the new Polish boundaries amounted 40 years ago only to 20.8 per cent of the whole area of the country. There has been a continuing process of increasing the forested area of the country (although at a diminishing rate). In 1986 the forest area amounted to 27.7 per cent of the land surface, that is to 8.7 million ha, an increase of over 2 million ha in 40 years. Intensive afforestation, performed regardless of the ownership category of the land by the State forest service, was aimed primarily at making good the losses in the forested area and the rational use of land not fit for agricultural purposes.

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